How Church Works Conference 2013, with Harold Bullock

Building a Kingdom Culture: Strategies for Shaping your Organization

How Church Works 2013: Building a Kingdom Culture


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About Building a Kingdom Culture: Strategies for Shaping your Organization

ALL organizations (businesses, churches, families, etc.) create a “culture.” Culture is hidden, not easily discerned, but it rules EVERYTHING. It shapes what can happen and what will happen, and the very lives of people in an organization.

So what is culture? It’s basically a sense of “The way we do things around here.” Sometimes a culture becomes dysfunctional and must be changed for the health of organization. Changing a culture, however, turns out to be more complicated and complex that one would think. How can you do it?

The Biblical concept of “The Kingdom of God” provides some key insights on developing, maintaining a healthy culture, and also changing a toxic organizational culture.

Leaders of churches will learn:

  • What an organizational culture is
  • How to discern a culture and how it was originally developed
  • Indicators that forecast whether or not it will change
  • The keys to changing it
  • Basic strategies that work--and don’t work in changing a culture
  • Biblical guidelines to aid in the change
  • Suggestions for implementing change
  • How to build a church/ministry culture that shapes Kingdom values in people

Additionally, Church Planters will learn:

  • How cultures develop
  • How to establish a healthy culture
  • How fast a culture gets set – it’s much faster than you think!
  • Key issues for perceiving cultural health
  • How to lay the ground work from the beginning that helps to shape Kingdom values in people

About the How Church Works Series

How Church Works conferences deal with ministry leadership at a higher level than most other conferences. How Church Works focuses on the principles that shape ministry strategy.

Many other conferences present helpful ministry "how-to's." Leaders attend in order to learn a method for doing the ministry: how to teach their people to evangelize, how to take people through discipleship training, how to train worship teams to produce uplifting worship services, or how to produce a kids ministry program that is engaging and educational, etc. The how-to's seminars meet a real ministry need.

However, as ministries grow larger and more complex, leaders often face challenging situations that demand a deeper understanding of the ministry. How Church Works conferences are designed help these leaders grasp the principles behind the "how-to's."

An individual HCW conference will focus on an arena of ministry. The conference will lay out the principles and concerns that should shape ministry strategy and guide decision making in that arena.

The goal for each conference is to provide insights that will enable leaders to:

  • Build ministries that sustain effectiveness in a given arena (such as evangelism, discipleship, etc.)
  • Intelligently solve problems in that arena before they spill over to create problems in other areas of church life.

For example, all ministries have to operate in such a way that the various parts of the ministry (such as, outreach, administration, and training) work together in harmony A how-to seminar on administration might show a leader how to make the different parts of the organization function systemically.

However, the organizational system is only one of several "layers" of systems. So, the How Church Works conference, Systems Thinking: Decisions Without Disasters, identified the different layers of systems, looked at how they interact to create problems in the organization, and gave guidelines for wisely making decisions in a manner that does not stir up problems in the different layers.

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February 5 – 7, Fort Worth, TX

February 5

8am - 9am Registration
9am - 5pm Conference Sessions*

Wednesday & Thursday
February 6-7

9am - 5pm Conference Sessions*

*Includes refreshment & Lunch breaks


The How Church Works Conference is hosted by Hope Church in Fort Worth, TX.

Hope Church
1750 Beach Street
Fort Worth, TX 76103

Conference Outline

  1. Culture Formation: How a Church Culture Develops
    1. The facets of a “culture”
    2. How a culture is started
    3. Where the culture resides
    4. How the culture sustains itself
    5. How to discern your church’s culture
  2. Culture Impact: How a Church’s Culture Impacts the…
    1. Spiritual growth of its members
    2. Ministries of the church
    3. Church’s decision making
    4. Future of the church
  3. Church Culture and the Kingdom of God
    1. Outlines of American church culture
    2. Culture guidelines from the Scriptures
  4. Strategies for Culture Change
    1. Often tried, but ineffective, strategies
    2. The key Issues for culture change
    3. Two basic strategies and their implications
  5. How to Keep a Culture on Track
  6. Cautions When Pursuing Culture Change
    1. When culture change is not a good idea
    2. Traps to avoid
    3. Suggestions for moving forward

Speaker: Harold Bullock

Harold Bullock is the founder and Senior Pastor of Hope Church, an innovative church in Fort Worth, Texas. Hope began in 1978 with a vision to help with planting churches in the major cities of the world. Since 1978, people going out from Hope have planted more than 70 churches and have helped catalyze over 160. Hope is currently a congregation of about 1,000.

Harold grew up in northeast Tennessee and graduated from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in 1967 with a degree in mathematics and chemistry. He pursued graduate studies in physical chemistry at ETSU and Ph. D. work in physical chemistry at the University of Southern California. He has worked as a research chemist and also taught college chemistry in the Los Angeles area.

Harold began vocational ministry as Director of Student Ministries on staff for the Los Angeles Southern Baptist Association, with the job description of starting Baptist Student Ministries on several campuses in the eastern LA region.

In 1974 the Bullocks moved to Fort Worth to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. They both graduated with a Master of Divinity degree in 1977. In January 1978, they began Hope as a mission of James Avenue Baptist Church. They have three children: Jessica (married to Matt Sturdevant), Gina (married to Thad Lanthripe), and Jon.

Harold Bullock, Author & Speaker

During the 1980's Harold traveled widely for the Home Mission Board speaking in Urban Evangelism forums and also doing conferences for the Student Work Department of the Sunday School Board. Since the 90's he has spoken at numerous church planting conferences and taught occasional courses at Golden Gate Seminary, Midwestern Seminary and New Orleans Seminary.

Harold has authored a series of fantasy adventure books for children ages 6-12, the Tarlian Adventures. The first three books in the series, The Battle for the Worlds, The Crystal Castle, and The Dragon of Raldan are in print. Silver 4, the first volume of an action adventure series for middle-schoolers is now available.

Harold has also written several non-fiction books: Sharper Strokes: Living Smarter, Not Harder; Fools & Follies: Biblical Patterns That Live Today; and Self-Defeating Strategies: The Roots of Life's Problems.

Deborah, Harold's wife, graduated from UCLA and has a Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Seminary. She served as Kids Ministry Director as Hope Church for seven years and has taught numerous classes on developing character and values in children. She is the primary developer and writer of NRG Curriculum—the first gender-specific, value-shaping kids ministry curriculum. For more information on NRG Curriculum, check the NRG website

You can keep up with Harold's conferences and materials online at his website


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General Info

  • Where is the How Church Works Conference held?

    The How Church Works Conference is will be held at Hope Church in Fort Worth, TX, about 30 minutes from DFW International Airport. More travel information below.

  • What time zone are you in?

    Our conference takes place in Fort Worth, TX. Texas is in Central Time Zone.

  • What about travel and accomodation information?

    Two airports are convenient to the Dallas Fort Worth area:
    • Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW). The airport is located about 30 minutes from Hope Church, host site for How Church Works Conference 09.
    • Dallas Love Field (DAL). Love Field is about 40 minutes from Hope Church.
    Conference attendees are responsible for their own accommodations. You may find some helpful information at
    Follow this link for a map to Hope Church, host site for the How Church Works Conference.


At the Conference


What people are saying about Harold Bullock and his conferences:

My high expectations were exceeded in this wisdom Harold Bullock teaches and lives from the perspective that God's Word contains "the Way of Wisdom." He brings the core of scripture to real life in very practical ways. He sees the multidimensional levels on which life exists, and slices through it with the Word of God. Thad King, Pastor @ Pierpoint Church, Huntington Beach, CA
Thanks for helping me to spend my time more wisely building church life around the things that matter to God. Terry Williams, Pastor @ River Community Church, Wichita, KS
Many conferences describe how life should be…they leave you feeling guilty and overwhelmed. This one describes how life is and how to walk in God's ways. Bevan Unrau, Pastor @ Seabreeze Church, Huntington Beach, CA
This is a tremendous practical application and scriptural foundation for all aspects of life and our walk with God…the content is OUTSTANDING and Harold's parables are very instructive. Greg Fuller, Business Leader, Diamond Bar, CA
As a seminary student I've taken many classes that focus on knowledge but aren't always practical in walking with and honoring the Lord in my life. Harold's conference on Relationships and success is rooted in scripture and he gives wise council on applying God's Word to our lives. It's extremely practical! Meghan Overlien, Growth Group Leader @ Hope Church, Fort Worth, TX
Harold Bullock's conferences have a major impact on my spiritual, personal, and business life.  My ministry and company have reaped direct benefit from the wisdom I've gained through these conferences.  I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to move forward in life with wisdom. Michael Coogan, Business Owner, Chico Community Church, Chico CA,
Harold's wealth of experience and success is a priceless asset for local leaders in the 21st century! Gordon Blocker, Pastor @ Grace BibleChurch, Grapeland, TX
Profound concepts presented in a totally accessible format…life changing… Anne Ringer, church member @ Seabreeze Church, Huntington Beach, CA
For over 20 years I have had the privilege of not only knowing and learning from Harold Bullock in various settings, I have watched the lives and ministries of many of the leaders who have come out of Hope and the Hope Global Network. Harold is not only a wise leader who has modeled what he is teaching, but the leaders who have gone out from Hope are demonstrating high character, a deep walk with God, effectiveness in ministry, and have done so with a cooperative spirit by giving of themselves to others and to various institutions. From coast to coast I know Hope guys who are impacting their region out of an overflow of their walk with God and practically living out the wisdom Harold has shared with them. In absolutely the best ways, the Hope people are known to be a peculiar people. Dr. Will McRaney - Director, Evangelism Strategy Department, Florida Baptist Convention
My high expectations were exceeded in this wisdom seminar on relationships.  Harold delivers a godly and biblical approach to relationships from years of ministry experience into practical and useable wisdom. Beau Thompson, Student Worship Leader @ Hope Church, Fort Worth, TX
Harold has a lot of wisdom… he's really good at helping you think through, 'What is it that I need to do in my situation', … helping me to think through what's my situation and what can I do and what are my experiences; how can I pull all that together to make a change in my church. Stephanie Schleyer, New Hope Church, Alexandria, VA
These seminars are truly life altering.  I always walk away with a clearer direction in life and a renewed excitement to walk with Christ and serve others. Isaac Molen, church member @ Church in the Valley, Diamond Bar, CA
[Harold is] one of the few men that has truly shaken and sharpened my view of God and 'how church works'. Bob Johnson, Pastor @ Canyon Hills Church, San Diego, CA
…a great perspective reminder. In dealing with people efficiency and effectiveness don't always go hand-in-hand…I need to focus on being effective. Neil Walker, USC Student Ministries